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Hidden away in the breathtaking Yasin Valley – Pakistan lies a remote and rugged landscape, untouched by the modern world. Surrounded by towering mountains and rolling hills, this is a place of natural beauty and tranquility.

During the summer of 2022, we had the opportunity to visit this place, on the border with Afghanistan and Tajikistan. A remote Place where, in the middle of nowhere, a group of girls fights every day against a system that severely limits their involvement in sport and society. Girls who are not resigned to their condition and do not accept cultural barriers. Girls who want to play football.


Here, in the heart of this idyllic valley, we have the opportunity to build something truly special. The First Female Football Academy will be a beacon of hope for girls in this isolated region, providing a safe and supportive environment where they can learn and grow through the power of sport. Imagine the sense of pride and accomplishment these girls will feel as they take to the field (a “real” field), wear sports uniform and train with a professional Coach and, one day, compete against other teams from across the Country. With your help, we can make this dream a reality and provide a brighter future for these young women and become a point of reference in the world.


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With your support, we can empower girls to follow their dreams
and achieve their full potential through the power of football.

In 2021, according to the “Global Gender Gap Index” measuring the extent of gender-based gaps among four key dimensions (Economic Participation and Opportunity, Educational Attainment, Health and Survival, and Political Empowerment) and tracking progress towards closing these gaps over time, Pakistan placed as 151 out of 153 countries.

Many obstacles are suggested by the scientific research conducted in the country: “The barriers and challenges Muslim females face in sport are still very much the same from reports conducted 15 years ago.” A report published by England’s largest Muslim women’s sports charity, Muslimah Sports Association (MSA), found 97% of British Muslim women surveyed wanted to increase their current participation in sports – yet 37% are not involved in any sports or activities.

Factors that currently impede participation encompass:

⛔️ Religious and cultural barriers: These may stem from specific religious beliefs or interpretations that restrict involvement in sports.

⛔️ Societal expectations: Traditional perceptions of women’s roles and behavior can limit their engagement in sports activities.

⛔️ Insufficient women-centric spaces: The dearth of women-only facilities or environments might hinder their willingness to partake in sports.

⛔️ Inadequate modest sportswear: A lack of suitable attire that adheres to cultural or religious requirements can serve as a barrier for some women.

⛔️ Risk of discrimination: The potential for encountering discriminatory attitudes or actions can discourage women from participating in sports activities.

Yashmin Harun BEM, chair and founder of MSA, said: “Quite often Muslim women are left on the fringes of conversations when we talk about sports for all. The research identifies there is a huge demand for Muslim women wanting to be more active but accessibility and opportunities are rare and safe spaces are not provided.

The MSA study revealed the following insights:

➡️ A significant 80% of respondents engage in sports activities on a ‘casual’ basis, but this number drops to a mere 9% at the ‘competitive’ level.

➡️ A resounding 80% expressed their likelihood to attend women’s only sports sessions if such options were available.

➡️ Nearly half (43%) of Muslim women surveyed believe that current sports facilities are not suitable for their needs.

➡️ One-third (33%) of respondents reported that past experiences have adversely affected their inclination to participate in sports activities.

We all have the possibility to change the situation!

Give girls in Pakistan a chance to dream: Support the first female football academy in Yasin Valley, a remote area of Pakistan.



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L’ORMAinternational is the international Sector of L’ORMA, a professional educational agency working in the field of Sport, Education, and Social Entrepreneurship since 2000.

AL2 Sport is an Italian company specialized in the organization of sport events for young athletes. The main target is to use sport as a tool for integration and social inclusion, supporting boys and girls to express their own inner talent.

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PPG SPORTS is a sport club active in the promotion of football in Pakistan. It organizes international football training camps, coaching courses, referees courses together with InternationaI talian Football experts in Islamabad and In Gilgit Baltistan north Pakistan. “Hundreds of young boys and girls have been benefited from our activities and we are experiencing very positive changes in their lives, Most importantly we are succeeding to change the mindset of society about females participation in sports.”

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